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Transforming the Treatment of Major Neuro­degene­rative Diseases of the Eye and Brain


Galimedix is a Phase 2 clinical-stage company developing novel oral and topical neuroprotective therapies with the potential to revolutionize the treatment of serious eye and brain diseases. Founded by a seasoned and highly dedicated team of bio-entrepreneurs, pharma executives and scientists, Galimedix’s groundbreaking small molecules offer the hope of changing the course of disease where amyloid beta plays a role, such as in dry AMD, glaucoma and Alzheimer’s disease: Galimedix’s initial areas of focus.

Our amyloid beta-targeting approach is strongly supported by our license deal with a major ophthalmology player, as well as recent successes in the field of Alzheimer’s disease. The team’s extensive internal expertise in neurodegenerative diseases is complemented by a network of renowned international key opinion leaders.

Galimedix’s approach blocks a key step in the neurodegenerative process with a highly specific, well tolerated small molecule without impacting normal neuronal function. This key step – the formation of toxic oligomers and protofibrils of amyloid beta (Aβ) – has emerged as a central cause of neurodegeneration. This understanding is supported by recent approvals and by positive late-stage clinical results with Aβ-targeting therapies for Alzheimer’s disease, as well as numerous publications about the role of Aβ in dry AMD and glaucoma.

Compelling pre-clinical data support the potential of Galimedix’s product candidates to slow or stop neurodegeneration and also restore lost neuronal function. We are entering Phase 2 proof-of-concept studies in dry AMD with our lead program, topical GAL-101, with strong support from partner, Théa Open Innovation (TOI). Clinical studies in other indications are planned.

Current investors

Our efforts are supported by dedicated and highly specialized venture investors in vision science technology as well as a strategic partnership with major ophthalmology player, Théa Open Innovation (TOI).

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